Alcohol-free mouthwash, toothpaste and floss
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What is Nudge for us

Nudge’s Mission

What is Nudge for us? Nudge is the push you need to make better decisions. Nudge makes your life easier and helps you increase your motivation to make better habits. The team behind Nudge, is made of busy professionals trying to install and maintain good habits in their daily lives. It can be so easy to cut corners when it comes to self-care. The Nudge team wants to help you thrive!

Nudge is a first-rate personal care provider as well as a community. The Oral Care Package, our first available product, offers a simple solution made up of quality and ethically produced items. Nudge gives consumers a simple and effective way to do things properly with a strategy based on spreading good self-care habits. This is what makes us more than just another consumer goods company. Nudge’s mission is to inspire people, and to improve and simplify hygiene rituals, together.

What’s in the Oral Care Package?

Let’s talk about what’s in the Oral Care Package, shall we? First, it’s important to mention that each product was designed to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. The packaging is completely recyclable, the toothbrushes and the floss are compostable, and the mouthwash comes with a reusable glass container. Nudge’s Oral Care Package is completely fluoride free and made of high quality and natural ingredients. To learn more about the ingredients, click here.

How Can I Get One?

There are three types of subscription plans you can choose from to get your own Nudge Oral Care Package. You can learn all about the memberships by clicking here. Just know that you don’t NEED a long-term membership to order an Oral Care Package. You can select the “Non-commitment” plan for a single box to see if you like it first!

What’s next?

The Oral Care Package won’t be the only Nudge product for long. Nudge’s mission will remain the same, which is to provide a worry-free and responsible solution to good habits and self-care. What would you like to see as our next package?

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