Meet our Alcohol-Free Mouthwash
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Meet our Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

It is important to us that what we put out reflects our needs and our values while being unique. Our alcohol-free concentrated mouthwash reflects this mission perfectly. Leaving you with a fresh breath and wanting for more!

Traditional vs Alcohol-free

Most mouthwashes on the market contain alcohol to eliminate all bacteria. The downside of that is that it also kills your mouth’s bacterial flora and leaves a burning sensation. Contrary to popular beliefs, not all bacteria in your mouths should be killed. Our alcohol-free formula still contains ingredients to take care of oral hygiene concerns such as bad breath, leaving you with a long-lasting minty fresh feeling.

Concentrate vs Regular

Our decision to opt for a concentrated formula was based on convenience and ecology. Traditional mouthwashes are diluted with water and take a lot of space in shipping containers, not to mention that they are inconvenient to carry during travels. Our concentrated mouthwash is easy to carry along everywhere you go to ensure a fresh breath at any time. 

Don’t be basic! Go for the new way to take care of your smile.

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