Sustainable and natural oral care products made better.

Sustainable and natural oral care made better.

We revamp people’s habits for the better—accessible, effortless, and way fun.


Honestly priced

Our pricing model was thought to make environmentally friendly products accessible to everyone.


Our product development team continuously tests and improves our processes and manufacturing.

Responsible packaging

We use compostable packaging filling as well as recycled materials to minimize our footprint.

Socially engaged

We give back to charities who help those suffering from anxiety and mental illnesses.

Sustainably sourced

We take pride in choosing meticulously our suppliers to ensure we use sustainably sourced materials every chance we get to make a difference.

Worry free

Try us and then subscribe if you like our products. Let us do the thinking and work of refilling your goods.

People simply
love us.

nudge™ Oral Care Package
nudge™ Oral Care Package
Embrace good habits today

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