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Soft bristles sustainable bamboo toothbrushes

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Our toothbrushes are always offered in a pack of two, which is clearly better than one. Stash the second one, bring it to the office or share your oral care package, the choice is yours! 


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How to use this one

Hunker down for a couple of minutes (that's how you get that shine!). And for what it's worth, make an effort to brush in a circular motion from top to bottom. Swap toothbrushes at least every two months.


Using our toothbrush and toothpaste, brush your teeth 30 minutes after your meals.

What it's made of

100% compostable bamboo
Recyclable Nylon

Recycled cardboard

Our bamboo toothbrushes are made of sustainable material sourced from locations known for treating fairly workers. We take pride in providing you with a clean, stylish and light toothbrush to help you always keep a clean oral hygiene.

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Why we love it

Sustainable bamboo

Soft bristles

Plastic free

Comes in a pack of two

Brushing ain't everything

For some of us, brushing our teeth is a mandatory pre-selfie ritual (unless you’re a fan of the semi-brilliant teeth whitening apps). Did you know, though, that beside your standard moves (brushing, flossing, mouth washing) you also have your diet to thank for your healthy pearlies. Certain foods are famous for protecting and whitening your teeth.

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