Slides. Tastes good. Creates airflows.

Clean sustainable pure silk dental floss

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A sustainable essential. Our dental floss made of candelilla wax will withstand almost any level of floss sliding intensity. Each order comes with a reusable glass container and 1 x 30 meter roll of pure silk floss. 


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How to use this one

Slide your floss between each tooth and under your gum line. Be gentle.


At least once a day. Don't underestimate the power of flossing.

What it's made of

Silk, Candelilla wax

Recycled cardboard
Reusable glass container

Our compostable silk floss is made of sustainable material sourced from locations known for treating fairly workers. We take pride in providing you with a strong and sustainable floss to help you keep a better oral routine.

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Why we love it

Sustainable conception

Strong floss

Mint taste

Reusable container

Brushing ain't everything

For some of us, brushing our teeth is a mandatory pre-selfie ritual (unless you’re a fan of the semi-brilliant teeth whitening apps). Did you know, though, that beside your standard moves (brushing, flossing, mouth washing) you also have your diet to thank for your healthy pearlies. Certain foods are famous for protecting and whitening your teeth.

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