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Alcohol-free mouthwash concentrate 4 fl oz

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Our unique formula is alcohol-free and is the perfect cherry on top of a good oral care routine. The Nudge mouthwash has a fresh mint feeling that doesn’t burn or damage your mouth’s bacterial flora. It contains a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients that replace chemicals often found in similar products on the market.


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How to use this one

Use occasionally after brushing your pearlies (or right before a hot date).


Dosage-wise, we advise you to add two splashes of concentrated mouthwash to 1 oz of water. Pro tip: A shot glass holds the perfect amount.

What it's made of

All-natural mint flavor comes from essential oils

Recyclable glass bottle

Our concentrated mouthwash is made of sustainable ingredients sourced from locations known for treating fairly workers. We take pride in providing you with a perfectly balanced mouthwash that adds a little plus to your dental routine.

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  • Concentrated alcohol-free moutwash
  • Bottle of alcohol-free mouthwash
  • Bottle of alcohol-free mouthwash
  • Bottle of alcohol-free mouthwash with mint leaf
  • Bottle of concentrated alcohol-free mouthwash
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Why we love it


All-natural flavor

Does not damage the mouth bacterial flora

Long lasting refreshing feeling

Brushing ain't everything

For some of us, brushing our teeth is a mandatory pre-selfie ritual (unless you’re a fan of the semi-brilliant teeth whitening apps). Did you know, though, that beside your standard moves (brushing, flossing, mouth washing) you also have your diet to thank for your healthy pearlies. Certain foods are famous for protecting and whitening your teeth.

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